Your IdentiKey and email address is generated once you are put into the HR Database, but you are not be able to access your email until you activate your IdentiKey. Your IdentiKey is a username and password combination that is used for many services around campus, including your email.

Manage Your IdentiKey

Your IdentiKey is a combination of your CU Login Name and a unique password set by you. CU Login Names are created automatically by OIT and composed of the first two letters of your first name, the first two letters of your last name, and four random digits. You can manage your identikey at At that site, you will find links to do the following:

  • Activate Your IdentiKey
  • Reset Your Password
  • Find Your CU Login Name


Depending on your role at the University, an IdentiKey is necessary for access to:

  • MyCUInfo, the student and employee portal 
  • University of Colorado Boulder Email Services
  • Computers in OIT computing labs
  • UCB Wireless network
  • OIT's learning management systems
  • SkillSoft computer based training for Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees 
  • And more

How to get your IdentiKey


IdentiKeys are created when you are admitted to the University of Colorado at Boulder as evidenced by record keeping in Campus Solutions, the university’s student information system. After you have been admitted, you may activate your IdentiKey.


IdentiKeys are created when an active position or supported Person of Interest (POI) record is identified in the university HRMS/Payroll system.  IdentiKeys are ready for activation within two to three business days from the point of data entry under normal conditions.** Then, you need to activate your IdentiKey. If you cannot activate your account, please contact


Accessing your Email Account:

Once you have completed the IdentiKey activation process, you will be able to set your display name (how outgoing emails show your name) and outgoing email address. You can access your email through Outlook. You may also use an email client such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc or the Google suite. To set this up please feel free to contact OIT for tutorials to set it up on your own.

For Campus IT assistance, call 303-735-4357.


myCUInfo Portal:

The myCUInfo Portal is your direct link to everything regarding the University of Colorado Boulder including employment information. Here you can find out more information regarding events on campus, announcements, campus news, training and everything related to your appointment. Please make yourself familiar with this portal and let us know if you have any problems.

  • Select the CU Boulder campus
  • Log in using your IdentiKey and password
  • If you attended CU Boulder as a student at some point in your career, you will need to click on the CU Resources tab to access the pertinent sections of the portal