CU Boulder offers a growing number of energy education programs for both CU students and the larger community.  The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) and the Environmental Studies Program (ENVS) have partnered to provide a variety of transdisciplinary educational offerings that focus on integrated problem-solving specific to the challenges of global energy system transformation.  

Ranging from flexible distance-learning courses for working professionals, to interdisciplinary certificate programs for current undergraduate and graduate students, to immersive professional masters degree programs, RASEI education programs emphasize a comprehensive, practice-oriented understanding of 

  • Energy science and technologies; 
  • Sustainable energy laws, regulations, and policies around the world; and
  • Energy and entrepreneurial business practices and skills.  

RASEI education program students have gone on after graduation to work in

  • Renewable and conventional energy industries,
  • State, local, and federal government,
  • The non-profit sector, and
  • Academia.

Our alumni network allows numerous opportunities for current RASEI students to network in the sector and pursue internships and employment.  

RASEI is also a proud supporter of the CU Energy Club, one of the largest student groups on campus, which brings together graduate and undergraduate students from every discipline for talks, networking, and job fairs.  

RASEI  Education Programs

RASEI  Education offers four mutually-exclusive energy programs, each designed for different student cohorts.  Please review the descriptions carefully in order to determine which program is appropriate for you.  Each program involves an application process. Admission to programs is dependent upon prior academic performance and a demonstrated interest in renewable and sustainable energy. Please read the program page thoroughly before contacting us with questions.      

RASEI Professional Certificate

Designed for working professionals, the professional certificate program is a 3-course (9 credit hour) continuing education program delivered through state-of-the-art distance learning technology.  It can be completed anywhere in the world, and students may attend and participate in classes synchronously (through realtime videoconferencing) or asynchronously (watching recorded lectures and classroom discussions).  This program is for students who are (a) not currently seeking a degree from CU-Boulder or (b) currently pursuing the Master of Engineering in Engineering Management.  Participants must possess a bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education in order to be eligible.  No technical background is required, and credits earned in the professional certificate may be applied to eligible CU-Boulder degree programs, such as the Masters of the Environment Specialization in Renewable and Sustainable Energy.  

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.     Apply Now 

    RASEI Graduate Certificate

    The graduate certificate program is available to all current degree-seeking CU-Boulder graduate students from any department, and typically draws students from MA, MS, PhD, JD, and MBA programs with a special interest in renewable and sustainable energy.  The certificate consists of 18 credit hours (9 credits core, 9 credits electives).  Elective course credit is available for appropriate coursework in your existing degree program.  

    Applications for the graduate certificate program are only accepted in the Fall of each academic year, and are due by November 30th.   

    RASEI Undergraduate Certificate

    The undergraduate certificate program is available to all CU-Boulder undergraduate students of any major.  Similar to a minor but spanning multiple departments, the certificate consists of 18 credit hours (9 credits core, 9 credits electives) and culminates in a senior projects course where students work in groups on semester-long energy policy projects, often with outside organizations, government agencies, or energy companies.  

    Applications for the undergraduate certificate program are only accepted in the spring of each academic year, and are due by March 1st.  

    Masters of the Environment

    -- Specialization in Renewable and Sustainable Energy  

    The Masters of the Environment (MENV) is an intensive 42-credit in-residence professional graduate degree program that prepares students for a wide variety of management and leadership careers related to energy and the environment.  Students complete a 17-month capstone project throughout the program with a partner organization in the private, public, or non-profit sectors.  RASEI coordinates the Renewable and Sustainable Energy specialization within the MENV program.  This program is designed for recent graduates with 2-5 years of professional experience.  

    Applications are accepted July 15th - May 1st, with priority deadlines of December 1st for international students and December 15th for domestic students.         

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