Niels Damrauer
Chemistry & Biochemistry
1. Interfaces • 2. Coherence effects, order, and defects in materials • 3. Advanced characterization (multi-modes) • 9. Hybrid nano-materials • 10. Optoelectronic properties • 11. Nanoscale self-assembly and fabrication • 12. Theory and simulation of phenomena • 13. Materials and devices for solar energy conversion • 16. Materials and devices for solar fuel production and utilization

General Area(s) of Research: Development of tools and molecular systems to understand and control photochemical transformations

Description of potential projects for CINEMA applicants: Synthesis of new organic molecular systems for singlet fission and inorganic molecules for controlled electron transfer, energy transfer, and bond breaking; Development of advanced spectroscopic tools derived from ultrafast laser pulses for interrogating complex systems for light-to-energy conversion (quantum control and multidimensional spectroscopy); applications of theory (electronic structure and dynamics) to singlet fission.