The global energy transition to a sustainable, low-carbon energy system will require a new generation of highly trained researchers and practitioners, who have the skills and knowledge to lead the way to a new energy future. 

RASEI energy faculty are working with Universities and institutions worldwide to build that global workforce. RASEI’s innovative energy education programs – which provide an in-depth understanding of energy science and technology, energy policy, and energy management, operations, and business innovation – provide a model that is practical, flexible, and adaptable to meet the specific needs of our partner institutions. 

Examples of RASEI international energy education projects and programs include: 

  • RASEI and CU affiliated faculty – including Paul Komor, Steve Lawrence, Adam Reed, and Jeffrey York – are working the University Teknologi Petronas (UTP) in Malaysia to build the UTP energy MBA program. 
  • RASEI energy education director, Adam Reed, worked with the University of Akureyri’s School for Renewable Energy Science to develop one of the world’s first M.Sc. degree programs specifically focused on Renewable Energy. 
  • RASEI energy education founder, Paul Komor, worked with the Leeds School of Business to provide a video-based course on Energy Science and Technology for the Korea Power Exchange. 
  • RASEI energy education director, Adam Reed, worked with the Clean Energy Solutions Center and Leonardo Energy to provide a video-based energy technology short course for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Working Group. 
  • RASEI energy education founder, Paul Komor, is teaching a short course in renewable energy integration for Caribbean island country electric utilities. 
  • RASEI is working with Global Advanced Technical Education in Beijing, China to develop scalable green citizenship and renewable energy curricula for undergraduate degree programs in Chinese colleges and universities. 
  • RASEI and CU-Boulder’s Continuing Education Division collaborate to offer online distance learning for energy professionals and students around the world through the RASEI Professional Certificate Program. 

For further information on RASEI’s international energy education efforts, or to explore a possible energy education collaboration, contact Adam Reed, Energy Education Director.