Inclusive Excellence Narrative

The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) at University of Colorado Boulder is a joint institute with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Our mission is to expedite solutions that transform society by advancing renewable energy science, engineering, and analysis through research, education, and industry partnerships. RASEI’s commitment to attracting, retaining and supporting students, faculty, researchers, staff, and collaborators to build the requisite culture and community of inclusion is integral to this mission. Technical excellence requires RASEI to foster an environment where all are able to grow, thrive and be successful by engaging with diverse perspectives through a growth mindset. 

In our pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive community, the institute is committed to efforts in the following four key areas: Justice, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI)

J- We commit to challenging both the historical roots and the existing framework of oppression and injustice in order to enhance the intellectual, social, and emotional functioning of the individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, age, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, education, and experiences.

E- We aim to promote fairness, empowerment, and advocacy for each individual because we believe that each individual has the right to civil liberties, to equal opportunity, to be treated fairly, to belong to a community and to enjoy a sense of safety and security.

D- We believe that diversity drives innovation and builds a sense of community and belonging. We celebrate all points of view and thrive on different perspectives. ensure the successes that will enhance RASEI’s diversity we will rely on transparency, accountability, and long-term commitments as guiding principles that are inherent in everyday practices and become intrinsic values to our entire community.

I- We welcome all at the table and everyone will be respected and heard. We encourage and empower contributions from individuals and groups within the institutes, at all levels, with a key focus on minimizing barriers and building a sense of belonging. 

RASEI aspires to be an Institute that pursues excellence and this demands that diversity in all of its forms be embraced and celebrated. We will recruit, develop, retain, and engage a constituency of students, faculty, and staff with heterogeneous backgrounds, perspectives, interests, and talents. By creating such a community we will enable excellence across RASEI activities and form a foundation for transforming energy, the environment and society.

Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Innovation