COMING SOON! New campus shared facility with two TEMs! 

The University of Colorado has recently established the CU Imaging Facility equipped with a FEI Tecnai ST20 and a high resolution, aberration corrected Titan Themis GT 300.   The FEI Tecnai is an excellent instrument for materials characterization of features within the 10-50 nm range. The Tecnai is also equipped with an EDX spectrometer.  The Titan Themis is equipped with a high brightness Schottky field emission gun and we can conduct STEM imaging with a point-to-point resolution of ≥180 pm, which makes this electron microscope well optimized for characterizing features less than a few nanometers in scale.  The Themis is equipped with SuperX EDS with a silicon drift detector and Gatan imaging filters, providing very sensitive EDS detection limits for single spots, as well as fast full-field chemical imaging capabilities.  The Themis is also equipped with CBED (convergent beam electron diffraction) with a sub-nm probe.  Thus we can merge STEM images, maps of CBED patterns, and EDS elemental maps to provide an integrated materials characterization at sub-nm resolution.

The new facility is located on east campus in the SEEL building. 

Check back for updates on official opening and tours.