The Symposium and Tutorial Session

The three day Symposium will begin on the afternoon of August 14, 2018 and run until noon on August 16. Invited presentations, poster sessions and panel discussions will be included.

A half-day tutorial session will be held in the morning of August 14 for all interested Symposium attendees on the fundamentals of semiconductor electrochemistry in light and dark.

Tutorial Presentations:

“A Tutorial on Fundamentals of Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry” ~ Nathan Lewis

“A Historical Walk through Important Problems in Gerischer Electrochemistry” ~ Mark Spitler

“Materials Developments in Solar Photoconversion” ~ Bruce Parkinson

Symposium oral presentations will cover four topic areas:

Advances in Instrumentation and Methods

  • Synchrotron X-Ray analysis of electrochemical interfaces
  • New electroanalytical approaches
  • Spectroscopic tools for study of condensed phase interfaces

Progress in Fundamentals

  • Time-resolved electrochemical kinetics
  • The double layer in complex interfaces
  • Models and theory for heterogeneous electron transfer

Advanced Solids and Structures for Charge Transfer

  • New semiconductor materials
  • New approaches to materials discovery
  • Complex structures, including nanostructures

Advances in Photocatalysis and Electrochemistry

  • Novel photocatalytic systems
  • Durability of photoactive interfaces
  • Panel Report on Photoelectrochemical Solar Fuels Production 

Download Full Program and Abstract Booklet