***This Program is currently on hold due to unforeseen circumstances, this sight will be updated when the program starts again***


CINEMA Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fellowships via the Consortium for Innovation on Nanotechnology, Energy and Materials (CINEMA) are designed to:

  • Attract the next generation of exceptionally qualified postdoctoral fellows from Brazil who have outstanding talent and credentials in basic renewable energy research, and 
  • Pair them with a research group in the United States.

Living and health benefit stipends for the postdoctoral fellows will be supported by Brazil’s Science without Borders Program (Ciência sem Fronteiras/CNPq) in collaboration with Brazil’s State Agencies for Research Support. 

CINEMA Fellowships include a premium stipend/salary rate and a competitive health benefit stipend. Fellowships last from 1-2 years.


Highly qualified postdoctoral fellows from Brazil with a record of superior academic performance; demonstrated research and academic accomplishments; and excellent scientific research abilities are encouraged to apply. Requirements:

  • Brazilian citizenship
  • All Ph.D. requirements must be completed prior to beginning the postdoctoral fellowship. Candidates must let their potential US research mentor know their expected graduation and date of defense if they have not already received their Ph.D.
  • Full-time commitment to a CINEMA research program to extend through the duration of the fellowship either one or two years.
  • The proposed research project is required to be linked to the research being pursued by one of the groups participating in the program and contribute toward furthering the field of renewable energy science.
  • CINEMA researcher mentor’s letter of nomination for submission to the CINEMA Selection Committee. 


Proposals are due on October 30, 2015 12:00 NOON Mountain Time in the USA.


Applications include:

  1. US Brazil Fellow-Research Mentor Joint Application written collaboratively between the potential fellow and research mentor,
  2. CV of Brazilian applicant,
  3. Letter of Reference from Graduate School Advisor,
  4. Letter of Reference from current Postdoctoral Advisor,
  5. Letter of Reference from the person of your choice, and
  6. Letter from U.S. research mentor nominating the applicant to submit an application to the CINEMA selection committee.


Upload your application here

Submit the application in one PDF document online here. Emails confirming receipt of CINEMA applications will be sent.

Evaluation Criteria for CINEMA Applicants

Applicants will be evaluated on the following three criteria:

  1. Fit of project within CINEMA (25%)
    • Mutual benefit to the US and Brazil
    • Fit within one of the following areas of study: Nanotechnology for renewable energy or nanomaterials for renewable energy. See list of CINEMA Energy Science Areas of Research.
  2. Quality of the research project description (50%)
    • High-quality, innovative project with planned publications
    • Has potential high impact for renewable energy
  3. Research mentor-CINEMA fellow match (25%)
    • Appropriate accomplishments in energy-related research (meaningful contribution in CINEMA Energy Science Areas of Research).
    • Experience in relevant areas of research
    • Knowledge of appropriate techniques
    • Relevant publication record of mentor

Award Cycle


Notification of Award

Fellowship Start Date

Ph.D. requirements met

October 30, 2015

February 2016

June/July/August 2016

Ph.D. requirements must be met prior to beginning Fellowship

CINEMA’s award calendar matches the Ciência sem Fronteiras award calendar. For more information about the postdoctoral fellow award cycle through Ciência sem Fronteiras, please visit this webpage: http://www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br/web/csf/pos-doutorado1

Please see our FAQs page for more information.