Questions from Brazilian Applicants

How do I apply?
Do I also have to apply to CNPq?

If you are selected for funding, you will also have to apply to CNPq.

What do I need to provide to the Research Mentor(s) with whom I am interested in working with?

You need to contact them by email. In your first email correspondance, identify the CINEMA program in the title of the email, attach your CV, proposal summary and copies or links to your relevant publications. 

When is the next application deadline?

February 24, 2016.

By when must I obtain my Ph.D.?

February 1st, 2016. CNPq considers the date when the candidate obtained his/her degree and not the date when the diploma is issued. So if a candidate defends his/her thesis successfully before the deadline, then this is sufficient.

Do I have to be a citizen of Brazil?


How many positions are available?

In the current fiscal cycle, there is funding for 12 more postdoctoral fellows.

How can I find out about past awardees?

Read about past awardees.

Who funds CINEMA Fellowships?

Funding is from the Science Without Borders program through CNPq and Brazil's State Agencies for Research Support.

Evaluation Questions

What is the technical scope of the program?

A renewable energy focus is required. Projects will be evaluated on the level of innovation in two areas: 1) nanotechnology for renewable energy or 2) nanomaterials for renewable energy.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Joint Brazil-US proposals will be evaluated on three criteria:

  1. Fit of project within CINEMA (25%)
    • Mutual benefit to the US and Brazil
    • Fit within one of the following areas of study: Nanotechnology for renewable energy or nanomaterials for renewable energy. See list of CINEMA Energy Science Areas of Research.
  2.  Quality of the research project description (50%)
    • High-quality, innovative project with planned publications
    • Has potential high impact for renewable energy
  3. Research mentor-CINEMA fellow match (25%)
    • Appropriate accomplishments in energy-related research (meaningful contribution in CINEMA Energy Science areas of research)
    • Experience in relevant areas of research
    • Knowledge of appropriate techniques
    • Relevant publication record of mentor


Are graduate student exchanges possible?

In following years, we anticipate including graduate student exchanges.

Who are the Brazilian partners?

Questions from Research Mentors

Can I have more than one CINEMA Fellow at a time?

Yes, but only one new fellow each year.

What is the benefit of going through the CINEMA program?

The CINEMA program has dedicated partners with specific research activities and a stipend that is competitive in the US.

Do you have other questions?
If I get multiple inquiries, can I apply with all of the potential postdocs?

No. You can only submit one application.