photocatalyst in solution

Resurrected microwave tool illuminates cutting-edge light-driven chemistry

June 16, 2022

Photograph taken in early 1946 shows (left to right) Dr. Ernest O. Lawrence, Director of the University of California Radiation Laboratory, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, head of the Chemistry Division of the Laboratory, and Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, a theoretical physicist on the Berkeley facility. c. 1946

Oppenheimer Fellowship Program Announces the 2022 Cohort

Jan. 28, 2022

The Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program (OSELP) is pleased to announce the selection of Fellows for the 2022 Cohort. Established in 2017, OSELP is a distinguished Fellowship Program that brings together exceptional leaders to explore the complexities, challenges and opportunities facing the National Lab system and the Department of...

Photo of Bri-Mathias

BE Seminar, Bri-Mathias Hodge

April 16, 2018

Designing a Sustainable Future: Simulating Next Generation Energy Systems Bri-Mathias Hodge, Power Systems Design and Study Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Date: Thursday, April 19 at 12:30pm Location: ECEE 1B70 Abstract:​ World energy systems are changing rapidly in the face of the global challenge of decarbonization. Power systems are...