Published: Feb. 1, 2018
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CitizenSkyView App Maps Cloud Cover to Aid in Predicting Solar Power Generation:

Professor Al Gasiewski and his team have developed the CitizenSkyView app for iPhones or androids to help researchers better understand how cloud structures and patterns impact renewable energy generation.  An initial $10,000 seed grant from RASEI, followed by a larger $180,000 grant from NASA, enabled development of the CitizenSkyView app.  Dr. Gasiewski and his team have now set out to expand the program by enlisting community volunteers interested in either using the CitizenSkyView app on their phone or placing a CitizenSkyCam on their rooftops.  The data gathered will compiled to produce three-dimensional cloud imagery that will help researchers better predict the energy output of photovoltaic installations. Read the full article published in the Daily Camera.

With financial assistance provided by generous CU Boulder alums passionate about development and deployment of technologies supporting renewable energy generation and improved energy efficiency, the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) continues to annually provide Seed Grants assisting our faculty and students with development of research proposals submitted to federal agencies, foundations and/or industry.  It is exciting to see the success that has resulted from the modest RASEI Seed Grant investment in impactful and fun programs such as CitizenSkyView.