Associate Director for Upper-Division Curriculum • Teaching Professor of Distinction


Rolf Norgaard (Ph.D. Stanford University) is Teaching Professor of Distinction at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he serves as Associate Director of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric.  He has published widely on the rhetorical dimensions of writing instruction in institutional and curricular contexts, information literacy, technical communication and design, writing across and in the disciplines, and writing as a vehicle for civic engagement and ethical inquiry.  He has received campus-wide awards for excellence in teaching and in service and leadership, and has long been active in campus faculty governance bodies.  More information at


Dr. Norgaard is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Writing.  He directs upper-division writing in the PWR, and chairs the upper-division curriculum committee.  In addition to overseeing assessment activities in the PWR, he serves as liaison with other units on campus regarding required writing courses, such as the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Leeds School of Business.