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5050 - Graduate Studies in Writing & Rhetoric Course Descriptions

PEDAGOGY, Dr. Steven Lamos
This course aims to provide you with a working knowledge of both theory and practice relevant to teaching writing at the college level as defined by the contemporary field of composition studies. It also aims to support those of you who are teaching WRTG 1150 for the Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) for the first time. In this course, we will focus upon four major sets of questions:
  1. What kinds of “best practices” as illuminated by work in composition studies—especially those related to assigning, responding to, and assessing student writing—are central to effective contemporary writing instruction at the college level?
  2. What sorts of critical theoretical questions have teachers and scholars in composition studies asked regarding the social, political, cognitive, and / or rhetorical dimensions of these best practices? How have these questions changed and evolved over time?
  3. How can we utilize knowledge of both these best practices and these various critical questions to analyze and evaluate our own activities as teachers of writing?
  4. How can we best convey the results of these teaching analyses and evaluations to audiences of interested teachers, scholars, and / or professionals in composition studies and elsewhere?