Sana Headshot
Puksta Scholar
Double Major: Integrative Physiology

Sana is a second year student studying Integrative Physiology. She wants to focus on immigrant youth and basic human rights.

Project: My Puksta Project will focus on the immigrant youth who are getting their basic human rights taken away. Such as how the United States is violating the 14th amendment.

Inspiration: Due to the recent political debate on children being taken away from their families and lifestyle, I decided to choose this as my Puksta Project because this is a major problem happening in the United States that will affect globally. As a result, less immigrants will get the opportunity to have basic human rights.

Future Plans for Project: I hope that I accomplish change in my community that will spread to others who hear our voices. I think that anyone can create change and I hope to spread awareness in order to make change.