Published: June 27, 2016

INVS4919: Teaching Social Justice

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INVS4919: Teaching Social Justice is a course designed for students who have completed two semesters of Public Achievment at CU Boulder throug the INVS2919 course.  INVS4919 is comprised of students who are accepted into a cohort of Teaching Assistants who continue to lead in the Public Achievment program and course.  Students further explore the role that education and youth play in addressing social justice issues.  INVS4919 students investigate progressive pedagogical and community organizing strategies to encourage higher levels of critical analysis and creativity among their CU peers and k-12 students.  The "Teaching Social Justice" course is part of CU's Public Achievement program trajectory; INVS4919 students serve as mentors to INVS 2919 students, advance the mission of Public Achievement, and ensure the quality of culturally relevant civic engagement on campus and in our partner schools.