We realize that our community members can't always physically get to or from campus for a variety of reasons. There are remote support services available for faculty and staff members who are not able to attend meetings in person.


Zoom is an enterprise web conferencing tool which enables faculty and staff to conduct live online class presentations, conferences and meetings. Campus faculty and staff can use Zoom to connect with each other, with students, and with colleagues from around world with audio, video and screen sharing. Learn more about Zoom.

Alternate Work Options

Photo showing a Zoom web video conferenceAlternate work options like telecommuting (working-at-home or remote working) and alternate work schedules, are important tools in reducing the shared environmental impact of our commutes. In addition to eliminating commute emissions, working from home saves travel time and has been shown to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. In order to support environmental goals, remain competitive in today’s labor market and support the needs of employees, CU Boulder supports the following options:

  • Work-at-home - telecommuting
  • Alternate work schedules - restructuring daily hours different from regular office hours or working a full schedule in fewer days.

Not all positions at CU Boulder are amenable to flexible work options.  Visit CU's Employee Services Alternate Work Schedule Information page for complete descriptions, eligibility and policies. If your job allows working and conferencing off campus, or teleconferencing for meetings from your office please review the OIT list of Preparedness Resources to help you stay connected.