Bike routes on campus

CU Boulder's campus map shows bike routes on campus as well as bike/skateboard dismount zones.

On an average September day, more than 7,300 students and staff commute by bike to campus.  Not only is it a fun, clean, and easy way to get around campus and town, but it helps CU Boulder achieve its environmental, social and economic goals.

Boulder B-cycle

B-cycle stations on campus make bike sharing more convenient than ever for CU Boulder students and employees and an annual membership is free to students, faculty and staff!  B-cycle is a great option for the days you leave your car or bike at home and need a quick way to get around campus, as well as for getting between campuses. Find out more and sign up for a membership here.

CU Environmental Center’s Bike Program 

CU Boulder’s Bike Program is managed by the Environmental Center, and provides a wide variety of resources to keep you pedaling throughout the year. Visit the Environmental Center’s Bike Program website to register your bike and learn more about the resources available to students, staff and faculty. 

Phone: 303-735-Bike (2453) 

Electric Bikes (E-bikes)

E-bikes are considered the same classification as traditional bicycles, so riders can take them most places a regular bike can ride, including on campus, roadways and on bike trails. Same as regular bike riders, E-bike riders must dismount in all campus dismount zones. There are some City of Boulder multi-use trails where E-bikes are prohibited (shown in red on this map).

E-bikes have many benefits for a wide range of commuters. They are user-friendly and handle nearly identically to a traditional bike, while allowing for an easy, quick ride. These are perfect for individuals who may have longer commutes, want to get around with the ease of a bike but without the extra cardiovascular effort, and they are make pedaling up hills and inclines a breeze. E-bikes may also be great alternatives for individuals with mobility issues that prevent them from using traditional bikes.

Monthly CU Boulder Bike Newsletter

If you want to stay informed about bike-related community events or projects sign up for the CU Bike Newsletter by clicking here.