When you place your permit on hold, you will not be charged for the time that it is on “hold”.  During days of each month that the permit is active, you are charged. "Holds" become effective on the "Begin Permit Hold" date you select below. Permit holders will not receive refunds for dates prior to the submission of this form.

Charges deducted from your current month’s payroll check are payment for the following month’s permit. When your permit is taken off of hold your parking permit fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Note! While your permit is on hold, unless you pay to park in an hourly parking lot, you will receive a citation since your permit is no longer active.

Minimum of one (1) month / Maximum of four (4) months. Permit must be put on hold before the 10th of the month in which your hold is to be effective to stop payroll deduction.
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