Business Permit Parking

Business permits are for departments or personnel conducting university business at a location away from an employee's assigned workplace(s).

Business permits are not for personal use. It is a violation of state fiscal rules to use a Business permit, if purchased with university funds, to park on campus unless conducting authorized university business at a campus location away from your primary workplace. Complete and submit a Business Permit Request Form to begin your business permit purchase. (Please note: Campus lots are subject to special event and maintenance closures.)

Vendor Parking

Vendor parking in permit-controlled parking lots may be accommodated with a Vendor University Business Parking Permit. This permit authorizes parking in university permit parking lots and at campus parking meters as specified on the face of the permit. Vendor parking permits can be purchased for periods of time varying from one day to one year. (Please note: Campus lots are subject to special event and maintenance closures.)

Vendors may also purchase one-day, one-week or one-month permits from the Parking Services' office (1050 Regent Drive.)

Additional parking is available to vendors at parking meters and in pay-as-you-park facilities. Fees for UCB parking meters and pay-as-you-park facilities range from $2 to $4 per hour.


Permit Monthly Price[1]
Vendor $60.00
Worksite $84.00

[1]The monthly price listed is effective now through May 31, 2021. To estimate the current price, multiply the monthly price times the number of months remaining through May. For example, a permit ordered in February would be valid for 4 months.

Service Vehicle General Information

Service, delivery and vendor vehicles operating on campus are expected to park in accord with campus parking and traffic regulations. Generally, these regulations require that vehicles park in designated parking areas and display valid parking permits or pay hourly parking rates. Vehicles parked in violation of the Parking Rules and Regulations are subject to citation and tow.

Definition of Service / Delivery Vehicle

University of Colorado Boulder (UCB) parking regulations define a service vehicle as "... any vehicle owned by a service agency that is dedicated to the delivery of materials and equipment, the exterior of which is visibly marked with a company name or organizational logo." Private (unmarked) vehicles may be used for service/delivery purposes, but may not park in "designated service vehicle spaces" as described below.

Types of Service and Delivery Parking

  • Service vehicle parking spaces are designated by signs: (Definition of "service vehicle" above.) Vehicles not marked with a company name or logo and parked in designated service vehicle spaces may be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.
  • Service vehicle parking meters are painted red. This is a good option for unmarked delivery vehicles. Red meters provide short term service/delivery parking access. Red service meter fees must be paid at all times. Worksite and Business parking permits are not valid at red service meters.
  • Any vehicle may park at no charge up to 15 minutes at UCB building docks while actively loading/off loading. If more dock/loading zone parking time is needed, contact Parking Services at 303-735-PARK (7275).

Special Parking Arrangements

Special parking arrangements should be requested whenever:

  • A specific area must be reserved to accommodate a parking need;
  • Several vehicles are expected on campus for a planned event; or
  • Oversized vehicles (e.g., semi trailer or high cube delivery trucks) need to be parked in areas of campus not designed to accommodate them.

Special parking arrangements are coordinated by the Parking Services Events Team, which may be contacted at (303) 492-7344.