I lost an item on the Buff Bus. How do I get it back?

On the day you lost the item, you may check with any Buff Bus driver to see if the item has been turned in. Found items are turned into Transportation Services' main office at 3205 Marine St. at the end of each day. Call us at 303-735-6244. Found items will be kept for 30 days, after which all unclaimed items will be donated or discarded.

What are the rules on the Buff Buses?
  • No alcohol, smoking, drugs or illegal activities
  • No pets, bicycles or flammables
  • Drivers will not stop at unauthorized locations
  • For your safety, do not chase after the bus
  • Be courteous to the drivers and other passengers
  • Listen to the drivers
  • Stay behind the yellow standing line
  • Allow passengers to unload before boarding
  • Use trash receptacles
Can my department or organization charter a Buff Bus for an event?

There is no Buff Bus service on Labor Day, fall break, winter break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, spring break and summer break. The Marine Street Express and Stampede run through summer break. Real-time Buff Bus tracking for all routes is available via the Transit app.

Will the Buff Buses operate when it is snowing?

Buff Buses are available for charter to CU affiliated groups and non-profits. All Buff Buses are ADA compliant and rental rates include a professional driver. There are three bus sizes available to accommodate from 22-59 passengers. For information on who is eligible to charter a Buff Bus and rental rates, please visit our Buff Bus Charter webpage.

Will campus events affect the Buff Bus routes?

The buses will continue to operate during inclement weather, however, severe weather conditions that cause the university to close, may impact Buff Bus service. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination as road conditions and traffic may make the ride take longer than usual. Under certain conditions the Buff Bus may need to take alternate routes. Download the Transit app to stay updated on delays and reroutes.

How do I know where my bus is?

Large-scale events such as graduation, football, basketball and construction projects may all impact the Buff Bus routes. View the Football Reroute Map and Schedule or the Basketball Reroute Map and Schedule for more information on these two types of campus impacts. Download the Transit app to stay updated on delays and re-routes.