CU in D.C. students from a wide variety of majors can participate in the program in fall, spring, Maymester, or summer. The fall, spring, and summer program is an internship and coursework experience while the Maymester is a course-only experience (no internship). 

Students can participate in CU in D.C. over a fall semester, spring semester, or over summer session D.  Participants come from a variety of majors and colleges on campus.  Some CU in D.C. students have Political Science or International Affairs majors, but numerous participants have other majors, such as Economics, Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, or History.  CU in D.C. is not just for Political Science and International Affairs majors.  The experience is open and beneficial to a wide range of students, with different majors and professional interests. 

Some Details

  • The program is offered in fall, spring, and summer session D.  Students generally follow the dates that are used on campus (exact dates can be found in the application for a specific semester/session).  To see specific semester/session dates, go to the CU Boulder Academic Calendar
  • In fall and spring, students take two CU classes at night, and do an internship in the daytime. In the summer, students take one class at night and do an internship in the daytime.
  • Students earn full academic credit for the evening classes and for the daytime internship. 
  • In fall or spring, students earn 6 credits for the internship, and 6 credits for two different evening classes, for a total of 12 credits. 
  • In summer session D, students earn 3 credits for the internship, and 3 credits for one evening class, for a total of 6 credits.
  • Participants can earn credit toward their majors and toward graduation requirements.
  • Students live and take class with other CU in D.C. students in a centrally located apartment in Washington D.C. called The Washington Center (TWC)

Courses & Credit

  • Starting in spring 2022, CU in D.C. students will take their classes through The Washington Center (TWC).
  • TWC releases its course offerings about 1-2 months prior to the start of each semester/summer but the course selection stays fairly constant each semester/summer.  
  • You will receive CU Boulder "in residence" credit for courses taken on this program as if you had completed the work on the Boulder campus.
  • You may apply credit to your major and college requirements with approval from your academic department (via your advisor). It is important for you to consult with your academic advisor to discuss how your CU in D.C. credits will fit in with your major requirements and with your academic goals. Please speak with your advisor well in advance to carefully plan out how participation in the CU in D.C. Program will contribute to your degree objectives. 
  • Students earn a total of 12 credits in fall and spring and all coursework and internship work counts as CU credit. All students enroll in a 6-credit internship course and a 3-credit Career Readiness course, and then they select one additional evening course from the TWC Course List (for a total of 12 credits).
  • After acceptance to the program, students select their TWC internship (daytime) and classroom (evening) courses.
  • *In the summertime, students take 6 credits instead of 12. They enroll in a 3-credit internship course and the 3-credit Career Readiness Course.

Learn more and apply at CU Education Abroad

Maymester Courses

Education Abroad offers a Global Seminar D.C: Science Policy course each Maymester to students from science-related majors (or to students who are interested in science policy).  The Science Policy course is highly participatory and involves classroom time, combined with numerous outings and visits throughout the D.C. area.  During the Maymester period, the group ventures out to interface with science policy-makers on Capitol Hill and at a variety of science institutions, such as NASA, the Department of Energy, and the National Institutes of Health.

Study in D.C. this summer with a CU Education Abroad Global Seminar: Our Sustainable FutureThe course is composed of 3 week-long modules that guide the student from a macro-view of the global challenges facing us today, to a more personal examination of how we can create a more sustainable future through the choices we make in our daily lives and the decisions we make in the organizations we work for. The course concludes with a focus on sustainability leadership and the skills necessary to encourage others within our community and workplace to confidently start their own journey towards a sustainable future.