MS Students

How do I register for Master's Thesis credits?

If you intend to write a master's thesis, you must register for 4-6 credits of master's thesis credit. The course number is CYBR 6950; however, the course has controlled enrollment credit so you will not be able to register on your own. Contact the graduate advisor for registration during the regular registration period.

I need to be registered as a full-time student. What is considered full-time?

There are two sets of rules defining full-time.

1. The first set of rules is imposed by the Graduate School. In order to be considered a full-time student under the Graduate School criteria, you must be enrolled in:

  • 1 hour masters thesis OR
  • 5 hours of graduate level coursework OR
  • 8 hours of graduate and undergraduate coursework combined OR
  • 12 hours of undergraduate coursework OR
  • 1-3 hours of Master’s Candidate for Degree.

2. The second set of rules is imposed by the federal government for federal financial aid purposes.

  • Full-time: A graduate student who is enrolled in at least nine semester hours* in a fall, spring or summer term.
  • Half-time: A graduate student who is enrolled in at least four semester hours* in a fall, spring or summer term.

Note: Excludes Masters Candidate for Degree courses. They cannot be included in the semester hour calculation for financial aid eligibility and/or loan deferment.



Less than Half-Time

Eligible for Aid

Eligible for Aid

Ineligible for Aid

Eligible for Loan Deferment

Eligible for Loan Deferment

Ineligible for Loan Deferment

How do I drop a course after the drop deadlines?

In order to petition the Graduate School Dean to drop a class after the final drop deadline has passed, you are required to demonstrate and provide documentation showing that there were extenuating circumstances beyond your control (such as illness, injury, a death in your family, etc.) that occurred after the final drop deadline that prevented you from attending/participating the course for which you were registered.

How do I get a grade of "incomplete" in a course?

To receive a grade of "I" (Incomplete) you must receive the consent of the instructor and be able to demonstrate that, for documented reasons beyond your control, you were unable to complete course requirements in the semester enrolled.

I am graduating with my master’s degree. What is the process?

If you are planning to graduate, you must complete the appropriate paperwork at least two weeks before the deadline. Forms are located on the Graduate School website.

The exact procedure varies depending on your degree requirements:

Master's, Thesis Option

  • Follow the online graduation process set out in the student portal.

  • Faculty Appointments: Each committee member must have a faculty appointment on file with the Graduate School. Contact the Graduate Advisor to verify that the necessary appointments are in place as soon as you form your committee. It takes 2-4 weeks to process a faculty appointment. Committee members who do not have established appointments should submit their most recent curriculum vitae to the Graduate Advisor as soon as possible. Additional information about master’s thesis committees is available in the Graduate School Rules, p. 17.

  • You must complete the Candidacy Application for an Advanced Degree and Master’s Examination Report, at least two weeks before the posted deadlines so that departmental signatures can be collected, and the master's committee can be approved by the Graduate School.

  • You will need to bring a completed Final Grade Card into the master’s defense so that master’s thesis credits can be graded.

  • To obtain the forms and for more information, visit the Master Graduation Information - Thesis Plan.

Masters, Non-Thesis Option

  • Follow the online graduation process set out in the student portal.

  • You must complete the Candidacy Application for an Advanced Degree, and Degree Plan Approval Form, at least two weeks before the posted deadline so that departmental signatures can be collected. 

  • To obtain the forms and for more information, visit the Master Graduation Information - Without Thesis.


  • You must apply to graduate through MYCUInfo twice: once for the BS and once for the MS.

  • If you receiving a concurrent degree, complete the forms and processes described above for masters with thesis and masters, non-thesis option.

  • BS/MS candidates must complete two supplemental forms: 

    • Concurrent Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Program Supplement to the Application for Admission to Candidacy

    • Concurrent Bachelor’s/Master’s Certificate of Completion of the Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree.

  • To obtain the forms and for more information, visit the Graduate School website.

I am not able to defend my master’s thesis by the defense date and I don’t want to register for more credits. What can I do?

You must be registered on the Boulder campus as a regular degree-seeking student during the semester the examination is passed. If you are unable to meet the defense deadline, you may defend at any point up to the day before the next semester courses begin and the defense will be considered as passed during that semester. For example, if a you are unable to meet the spring defense date but pass your defense before the start of summer classes, it is considered a spring defense. However, you will not graduate in the spring semester and should follow the summer deadlines.

BAM Students

When should I apply for admission to the BAM program?

You may apply for the BAM program as early as the second semester of your sophomore year. The program will accept BAM applications on a rolling basis.

What is the benefit of becoming a BAM student?

Once admitted to both programs, you are able to overlap 6 credits of coursework to both your BS and MS programs. This allows you to complete the MS program in a reduced amount of time.

How much time do I have to complete my BAM program?

The BAM program has a maximum progam length of 6 years; however, many students are able to complete both degrees in 5 years.

Once admitted to the BAM program, who will be my staff advisor?

Once admitted, you will receive BS advising from the undergraduate advisor and MS advising from the graduate advisor.

When I graduate, do I receive one diploma or two?

You will receive separate diplomas for each degree earned.

Independent Study

How do I register for Independent Study?

To enroll in TLEN 5920-Independent Study, you must complete the independent study agreement form, have it signed by the faculty instructor, and submit it to the graduate advisor during the regular course registration period. Once approved, the graduate advisor will register you in the course.

Up to 6 credits of Independent Study course can be applied toward the master’s degree.

Further information about independent study course work is on the Independent Study Agreement form.


I am unable to meet a curriculum requirement or wish to waive a requirement. Is there a petition process?

If you who wish to waive a curriculum requirement or substitute a course, complete the online petition form available on the Student Resources page.

Note: this petition process is for departmental matters only. Petitions involving university rules and regulations are decided by the Dean of the Graduate School. These petitions take the form of a business letter addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School. The letter must be signed by you, endorsed by your faculty advisor and submitted through the Graduate Advisor. They are not to be submitted directly to the Graduate School, as they will not be accepted.