Photograph of Lloyd Thrall, Scholar in Residence
Co-Associate Director • Scholar in Residence
Defense & Entrepreneurship

ECOT 314

Lloyd Thrall’s research focuses on foreign policy, national security, human security, and organizational change.

Prior to joining his alma mater at CU Boulder, Mr. Thrall served extensively in national security roles.  His background combines senior defense policy leadership, foreign policy research and analysis, and elite military service, receiving honors and commendations in all fields.

Mr. Thrall previously served as a senior executive appointee in the Obama Administration, as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Readiness.  In this capacity, he was the focal point within the Office of the Secretary of Defense for the strategic and operational readiness of the Armed Services, developing and overseeing policies to ensure the U.S. military is ready to perform the missions assigned by the President and Secretary of Defense.  This included regular reporting to the Secretary and the Congress on issues of strategy, policy, and the deployment of US forces. Prior to this, Mr. Thrall published widely on defense policy and offered Congressional testimony as an analyst at the RAND Corporation. Among other positions, he has served as the Director of the Rocky Mountain Region for the Department of Defense’s Technology Accelerator (MD5), a senior advisor in the Army Secretariat, a civilian military advisor in Iraq, and an analyst in the intelligence community.  Mr. Thrall enlisted in the military directly after high school in Boulder, serving in Army special operations as a light infantryman with the 1st Ranger Battalion.

Mr. Thrall holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from CU Boulder, and a Masters with highest honors in Diplomatic Studies from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.