Garrett Schumacher, TCP's Director of Communications and Strategy
Director of Communications and Strategy • Lecturer

ECOT 611

Garrett Schumacher oversees TCP's strategic vision throughout its recent rebranding and updating, and he leads their marketing and recruitment efforts. Mr. Schumacher also is creating new curricula, lectures for the Intro to Cybersecurity course, oversees graduate research and competition teams, and works on new partnerships within CU and the external community.

Garrett's other proffessional roles at the cutting edge of genetics and information security, developing molecular encryption with GeneInfoSec, a Boulder-based public-benefit biotech startup. His hope is to increase security, awareness, and privacy in healthcare and academia. Mr. Schumacher is also a Technical Advisor for Cirque CryoTech, a startup licenisng his patented cryoprotectant-toxicity alleviation technology. Lastly, he is the Faculty Advisor for CU's HackCU student organization.

Mr. Schumacher received his BA and MS degrees in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado Boulder with an emphasis on genetics at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics. It was there that he met his business partners, and the lack of information security around the world's most valuable and private information, genetic data, was first recognized. Since his graduate research, he received his cybersecurity education from the University of Denver. Outside of genetics and information security, Garrett's interests include climbing, endurance running, and hiking. Go Buffs!

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