Work towards enrolling in a TCP degree program, earn a certificate, or access courses for personal or professional development as a nondegree student. CU Continuing Education's Extraordinary program enables nondegree students to take TCP courses from anywhere in the world at reduced rates, regardless of residency.

So come take that CU Boulder course you’ve been thinking about. Test out the University. Learn from some of the best faculty in the country. Whatever your goals may be, let us help you build a secure future.

Online Cybersecurity Courses

All TCP courses required for our Cybersecurity Certificate will be available through the Extraordinary program beginning Fall 2020, making the entire certificate available online. The following two courses are available for the Spring 2020 semester.

  • CYBR 5300-570 Intro to Cybersecurity
    • Gain foundational knowledge in cybersecurity that can be applied to further studies and careers; fulfills Cybersecurity Certificate requirement.
    • Taught by Dan Massey, Director of TCP and former Project Manager at DHS.
  • CYBR 5350-570 Security Auditing and Penetration Testing
    • Learn the skills of white hat and malicious hackers alike; fulfills Cybersecurity Certificate requirement.
    • Taught by Aaron Hansen, Professor of TCP and active-duty Cyber Warfare Officer for US Air Force.
  • Most TCP courses are available online via the normal main-campus enrollment system to CU students. These courses are for nondegree students only.

Cost per Course

  • $1,950 for in-state and out-of-statye domestic students and international students.

How to Enroll​

  1. Students must first enroll as a nondegree student through Continuing Education. Enrollment and student services are provided by Continuing Education. Their capable staff can help you navigate the CU system and develop a plan to meet your career goals with available academic and financial aid advisors.
  2. Once your enrollment is complete, nondegree students can then register for Extraordinary courses via the CU portal system (instructions provided following enrollment). Please ensure you register for the correct course number (e.g. beginning with the "CYBR" prefix and ending with the section number "570"; see course numbers above).
  3. Spring 2020 classes begin January 13, 2020.

Available Benefits

  • Take that course or test that certificate or MS without committing to a degree program at a fraction of the typical cost.
  • Earn a Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity or Wireless Engineering - more certificates are in the works (did anyone say blockchain?).
  • Credits from certificates count towards an MS in TCP if students decide to further their education (9 credits transfer to the MS degree requirements).
  • Browse our course offerings to gain new expertise in a particular field and begin earning credit towards an MS in TCP before enrollment.