Founder Fights image

CU faculty raises $14k for non-violence charity through boxing

May 18, 2019

It is difficult to imagine that one could support non-violence through a boxing match. But Lloyd Thrall, Associate Director of CU Boulder's Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy Program, did just that. Founder Fights is a charity boxing event held annually in Boulder, Colorado. The event is structured to encourage non-profit support...

Dr. Massey at Connected Fleets Conference

TCP Director, Dr. Massey, speaks at Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels, Belgium

May 16, 2019

In a panel debate at the Connected Fleets Conference, Dirk Schlimm, Executive Vice President, Geotab spoke with Dr Dan Massey, Director of Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy Programme and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder and part of the Neutral Vehicle Consortium and Ted Guild, Connected Vehicle...

TCP's D4D students at the Pentagon visiting the Joint Staff

TCP students pitch defense contractors on innovative security solutions

May 7, 2019

Technology is evolving so quickly these days that even the military is struggling to keep up. Lloyd Thrall, a former Army Ranger who was later appointed by the Obama administration as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Readiness , specifically created the designing for defense class at the...

Levi Perigo and other recipients of the CU Marinus Smith Awards

TCP's Levi Perigo awarded CU Marinus Smith for “having a particularly positive impact on our students”

April 18, 2019

TCP is proud to host some of the world's top faculty as experts across many domains, including network and wireless engineering, cybersecurity, national security, defense innovation, etc. One such example is Dr. Levi Perigo , Research Professor of Network Engineering. Dr. Perigo was just awarded his second CU Marinus Smith...

TCP students conversing with industry partners

Recent Student Recognitions

April 1, 2019

TCP is excited to announce the recognition of some of our top students. Siddharth Subray, a third-year TCP PhD student focused on wireless engineering, will be interning with Nokia-Bell Labs this summer. He will be serving as a Test Engineer for their LTE system to be used in their Berlin-based...

Jena Griswold with Daniel Massey and Lloyd Thrall from the TCP Leadership Team

Colorado Secretary of State visits TCP at CU Boulder

March 6, 2019

The TCP Seminar Series boasted an incredible lineup of speakers for the Spring 2019 semester, including Jena Griswold, CO Secretary of State, and Rich Schliep, CTO of the CO Department of State.Together, they presented how the Colorado state government is ensuring the digital security of Colorado residents. "I would say...

Kryptia game images

HackCU teams design, build or break K-12 cyber games for TCP

Feb. 28, 2019

HackCU began five years ago with a group of CU students seeking the space and time to work on projects and solve problems. Over the years, HackCU has grown into one of the nation's most diverse and successful collegiate hackathons in terms of the number of participants, their experience, and...


TCP researchers present at the IEEE Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications

Dr. Levi Perigo and Ph.D. candidate Rahil Gandotra traveled to Exeter, England to present their research on enhancing BGP functionality through software-defined networking (SDN) at the IEEE conference on High Performance Computing and Communications. The researchers developed a novel application that dynamically manipulates networks in real-time using SDN. Perigo and...


Perigo and Gedia present at Australian conference

Dr. Levi Perigo and Ph.D. candidate Dewang Gedia traveled to Sydney, Australia to present their research on Network Orchestration for Centralized Network Management in Small Business Networks . The researchers developed a novel application incorporating OpenStack, Ansible, software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), and container orchestration to enhance and...

New expertise in cybersecurity

New expertise in cybersecurity at CU Boulder

Did you know that your smart refrigerator could be hijacked to carry out a denial-of-service attack on a bank? Or that your car’s emergency alert system could be used to flood the 911 system with calls? Professor Dan Massey has seen it happen firsthand, and it’s why he is on...