Through hands-on training and use of industry-grade technological components, TCP students develop the necessary skills to master the operation of complex commercial technologies. Over the course of your graduate careers, you can expect to spend hundreds of hours in the lab, where you will develop a solid familiarity with the design, configuration, and deployment of networking solutions applicable to almost any industry. Both of the following labs assist in security experience with cyber-physical systems and infrastructure. Lab resources also support students who wish to engage in research.

Networking Lab

  • Multiple racks of equipment dedicated to student training and research in the areas of Enterprise/Service Provider, Cloud and SDN networking. 
  • An incredible 400 amps of power and 18 tons of eco-friendly cooling in a data center supporting our educational objective of the best hands-on networking curriculum.
  • More than 1000 hardware components representing equipment from multiple industry partners which include routers, switches, wireless access points, VoIP, White boxes, and servers (stand-alone and cloud).
  • Dedicated workstations via adjacent lab rooms to manage and learn how networks actually work.

Wireless Lab

  • An industry-government-university cooperative research center exploring and developing wireless technology.
  • Contributing to the development of WiFi, LTE, MIMO, Bluetooth, and other evolving wireless telecommunications technologies.
  • Specializing in the use of software-defined radios, DSP modeling and analysis tools, radio propagation modeling and site survey tools including GNU radio, Matlab, LabView, Ekahau, and EDX.
  • Wireless focus areas include long range, high throughput, high reliability, hardened security, high node density, low power consumption, and optimization for upgradability and configurability (software defined).
  • Cutting edge protocol study and development including the areas of space communication, long-range IOT and signaling networks, and MIMO.

Primary Contact

Jose Santos, TCP Lab Director and Senior Instructor
Phone: (303) 735-0102