The two semester Research Projects course is a culminating experience that challenges students to integrate and synthesize what they have learned over the coursework at CU Boulder in TCP.

Interdisciplinary Design & Projects Sequence

  • CYBR 5700: Systems Thinking and Design (1st course)
  • CYBR 6700: D4X (2nd course)
    • Students choose X, as in Designing for Defense, Industry, Government, Policy or Education

The fundamental course objective of the TCP Research Projects sequence (CYBR 5700/6700) is to teach students how to engineer a complex, inter/multidisciplinary design and implementation problem in a group environment.

Interdisciplinary Design & Projects focuses on the synthesis and application of basic science, mathematics, engineering theory and design skills. The course teaches basic knowledge in component and systems engineering design and provides an introduction into project management, including financial responsibility.

Current Research Projects