CU Blockchain Alliance (UCBA)

UCBA is the center for distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and blockchain interdisciplinary research, education, and community engagement across multiple departments at the University of Colorado and its member network.

Designing for Defense (D4D)

D4D is a semester-long class during which interdisciplinary student teams are provided with real-world national security problems sourced from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and governmental agencies such as NASA.

Interdiscplinary Graduate Projects

The year-long Interdisciplinary Design & Projects courses are a culminating experience that challenges students to integrate and synthesize what they have learned over their coursework at CU Boulder in the TCP program.

Neutral Vehicle: Connected Fleet & Vehicle Security & Privacy

The Neutral Vehicle Platform is planned around security by design, a broad base of recommendations, guidelines and standards with input from government agencies, independent experts and the security community. 

Rocky Mountain Consortium for Cybersecurity Education

The RMCCE strives to educate and empower P-20 teachers to use and teach cybersecurity and cybersafety. The group supports teachers' cybersecurity literacy and pedogogical practices through meaningful learning experiences and resources.

Wireless Network Engineering

An array of projects that apply wireless network engineering to various topics and interest areas. The current projects include NASA AES ExWC, NASA CCSDS Data Standardization: proximity wireless network communications (ICSIS doc), and Trimble 802.11ah. 

Research Topics & Contacts

TCP has assembled an incredible team of experts and leaders across the fields of technology, cybersecurity, and policy. This culminates in TCP being a center for interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research, providing graduates and undergraduates alike valuable opportunities to explore and learn in real-world settings with state-of-the-art infrastructure, resources, and partners.


Garrett Schumacher, MS

  Blockchain & Distributed Technology

Hunter Albright, PhD

  Cyber-Physical Systems Security

Daniel Massey, PhD  |  Aaron Hansen, PhD  |  Nolen Scaife, PhD

  Entrepreneurship & Economics

Andy Meyer, MBA  |  Lloyd Thrall, MA

  IoT & Network Security & Data Analytics

Lijun Chen, PhD  |  Sangtae Ha, PhD  |  James Curry, PhD

  K-12 Cybersecurity Education

Daniel Massey, PhD  |  Al Pisano, EdD  |  Ben Shapiro, PhD  |  Laura Lee, JD

  National Security & Defense

Lloyd Thrall, MA  |  Aaron Hansen, PhD  |  Bryan Sparling, MS

  Tech Policy & Law

David Reed, PhD  |  Al Pisano, EdD  |  Dale Hatfield, PhD

  Wireless Communications & Technology

Kevin Gifford, PhD  |  Keith Gremban, PhD  |  Sangtae Ha, PhD  |  Scott Fox