Purchasing Procedures

  • Office Supplies: Personnel requesting routine office supplies (e.g. markers, pens, paper, post-it notes, etc.) should direct their requests to the administrative assistant. No pre-approvals are required for these items.
  • Lab Supplies: Personnel requesting lab supplies, license software renewals, computers/lab equipment, etc. should complete the Purchasing Authorization Request Form which directs their requests to the lab director for first approval.  
  • All Other: Personnel requesting purchases that do not fall within either of the above categories (e.g. catering, equipment that is not purchased for a lab, furniture, etc.) should complete the Purchasing Authorization Request Form which directs their request to the assistant director for first approval.  

Other Information:

Travel Procedures

  • Two weeks prior to travel, complete the Travel Authorization Request Form.
  • The authorization form will ask for information about your travel, including: dates of travel, destination, airfare, hotel, per diem, registration fees, etc.
  • If the travel is being covered by the traveler’s speedtype, and follows university travel procedures, travel will be approved within 2 working days. Note: the university requires additional notice for international travel.
  • If any travel costs are borne by the program then approval may take up to one week.
  • After travel has been approved, the traveler is responsible for booking the flight using Concur or Christopherson Business Travel and is responsible for making all other reservations per university travel policy.
  • Two weeks after returning from travel, faculty should upload all receipts into Concur.
  • After receipts have been processed, traveler will be notified when their expense report is ready for submission.

Other Information:

  • A travel request must be made for any work-related travel by faculty, staff or students.
  • If a faculty member is asking for program funding on behalf of their student, they must also provide a Dean's Office Matching Grant for Student Travel form.

Need additional information? Please contact Jessica Lee or Amanda Schank.