The MS in Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy is TCP's flagship program - a two-year degree that allows students to immerse themselves in topics such as networking, policy & law, cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship & economics. Following the completion of this program, students will be well-positioned to lead future technological innovations in the corporate, government, and academic sectors.

Students may choose one of two options: a coursework-only option where the student completes a two-sequence research and capstone project course, or a thesis option where the student researches, writes and defends a master’s thesis. This curriculum is designed for students to gain a comprehensive background in TCP while specializing in topics that align with the students' interests. TCP students learn traditional networking and programming skills by spending hundreds of hours in state-of-the-art laboratories mastering the operation of complex commercial technologies.

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Program Requirements

  • 32 credit hours in total
    • 2 credits of TCP Seminar Series
    • 3 credits of Fundamentals coursework
    • 3 credits of Core Networks & Wireless coursework
    • 3 credits of Core Cybersecurity coursework
    • 3 credits of Core Policy coursework
    • 3 credits of Core Strategy & Management coursework
    • 9 credits of Advanced Elective coursework
    • 6 credits of Graduate Projects Sequence or Master's Thesis
  • Pass all courses with grades of B- or better and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Complete all requirements within 4 years of start date. Students may file a petition for an extension which may be granted for up to 1 year. Contact our TCP's advisor for more details.
  • Current Graduate Handbook - Specific implementation of these requirements and additional requirements for the MS degree in TCP are described in the relevant curriculum section of the handbook.

Due to the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP) rebranding to the Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy (TCP) Program on March 4, 2019, the TCP program will admit students into the MS in Telecommunications (degree acronym: TLEN-MS) through Spring 2020 and then into the MS in TCP (degree acronym: TCEN-MS) for Fall 2020 and beyond. Students may enter TCP as MS in Telecom students and then switch into the MS in TCP in Fall 2020. The curriculum and courses are identical; only the names of the degree will change, per student choice.