The Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy Program combines courses in business, computer science, cybersecurity, leadership, networking, and policy with hands-on, team-based learning that encourages innovative research, inquiry, and exploration.

​ Education for All

Anyone, anywhere, with any background can obtain a graduate degree or certification in TCP. We are humanizing network engineering, wireless communication, and cybersecurity for the masses - we are developing leaders today for the technology of tomorrow.

 Flexible Programs

Students have five years to complete all program requirements. Day, night, and weekend courses offered online, in-person, and through continuing education allow you to control your degree plan and progress.

 Own Your Degree

You decide your courses and degree focus. Waiver and substitution options available for one to truly craft the degree that works best for them.

Available Programs

TCP is actively increasing the opportunities we provide to military service members, professionals, veterans, domestic and international students, and current and prospective CU Boulder undergraduates and graduates. Through on-site and/or distance-learning options, anyone can easily access one course to gain new expertise or an entire degree to begin a career in booming and lucrative fields.

Degrees available 100% online with the exception of lab-intensive network engineering courses that require in-person instruction and resources for those seeking wireless and network engineering emphases.