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Browse our selection of TCP Fundamental, Core and Advanced Elective Coursework below.

  Fundamental Coursework

TCP Fundamental courses provide an introduction to how computers and networked systems operate and communicate information. This is the necessary foundational knowledge for the remainder of a TCP degree. Students lacking a technical background are strongly encouraged to begin with a Fundamentals course.

  • CYBR 5001 Fundamentals of Telecom and Broadband Systems

  • CYBR 5010 Fundamentals of Data Communication

  • CYBR 5013 Fundamentals of Systems Administration and Virtualization

  Core Coursework*

Our Core Coursework is designed to provide students with the the best practices, tools, methods and skills in the areas of Cybersecurity, Wireless Networks, Policy, and Strategy & Management.

Core Cybersecurity

  • CYBR 5300 Introduction to Cybersecurity

Core Networks and Wireless

  • CYBR 5150 Network Management and Automation**

    • recommended: background in Linux system administration, Python programming and computer network engineering / data communications 

  • CYBR 5160 Introduction to Enterprise Networks**

    • recommended prerequisite: CYBR 5010 or CSCI 4273

  • CYBR 5170 IP Routing Protocols and Policies**

    • recommended prerequisite: CYBR 5010

  • CYBR 5200 Introduction to Wireless Systems**

    • same as CYBR 5830-004; recommended prerequisite: CYBR 5010 or 5013

Core Policy

  • CYBR 5400 Principles of Internet Policy

Core Strategy and Management

  • CYBR 5510 Technology: Commercial Strategy and Operations

  • EMEN 5010 Introduction to Engineering Management

  • EMEN 5030 Fundamentals of Project Management

  • EMEN 5031 Software Project Management

  Advanced Coursework*

Advanced courses are built to facilitate the pursuit of expertise in the area of your own interest. These courses do not have to be taken within one domain, but instead, you can craft your own educational experience within the Advanced Elective options.

Advanced Networks and Wireless

  • CYBR 5180 VOIP Network Design**

    • pre- or corequisite: CYBR 5001

  • CYBR 5220 Wireless Local Area Networks

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5010 or CSCI 5273; recommended prerequisite: CYBR 5200

  • CYBR 5230 Wireless Systems Lab**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5200; recommended prerequisite CYBR 5010

  • CYBR 6140 Voice Over IP: Voice Network Design and Implementation**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5150, 5160 or 5170

  • CYBR 6150 Software-Defined Networking (SDN)**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5150

  • CYBR 6151 SDN Virtualization and Orchestration**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 6150

  • CYBR 6160 Datacenter Networks**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5160

  • CYBR 6161 Internet Service Provider Networks**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5160

  • CYBR 6170 IP Network Design**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5170 or 5160; recomended: strong familiarity with network protocol operation and implementation

  • CYBR 6200 Advance Wireless Lab**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5200; recomended prerequisites: CYBR 5210 and 5220

  • CYBR 6210 Wireless and Cellular Systems**

    • prerequisite: CYBR 5200 

Advanced Cybersecurity

  • CYBR 5830-001 Cybersecurity Auditing (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-007 Introduction to Blockchain (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-008 Immersive Cyber Defense (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-009 Business of FinTech (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-010 Implications of Cyberspace (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-012 Penetration and Security Testing (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-013 Introduction to Digital Forensics (Special Topics)**

  • CYBR 5830-014 Software Reverse Engineering (Special Topics)**

  • CYBR 5830-002 Mathematics of Cryptosystems (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-005 Implementing Cybersecurity Change (Special Topics)

  • CYBR 5830-011 Technology Ventures (Special Topics)

Advanced Policy

  • CYBR 5250 Technology Law and Policy Clinic**

  • CYBR 5260 Seminar: Law and Economics of the Information Age**

  • CYBR 5410 Telecommunications Law and Policy**

  • CYBR 5420 Spectrum Management and Policy**

  • CYBR 5480 Future of Video: Technology, Policy, and Economics

    • same as ATLS 5380; prerequisite: CYBR 5400

  • CYBR 5830-003 Venture Capital & Private Equity (Special Topics)**

    • same as LAWS 7271

  • CYBR 5830 Cybersecurity Policy (Special Topics)

Advanced Electives from Other CU Departments

Students may take any one of the following courses to meet an Advanced Elective requirement. Students interested in taking more than one non-TCP advanced elective must submit a petition to do so.

  • ATLS 5529-003 Critical Perspectives in Technology: K-12 Computer Science Education Research

  • CSCI 5413 Computer Security and Ethical Hacking

  • CSCI 7000-008 Current Topics in Computer Science: Datacenter Networking / Cloud Computing

  • EMEN 5020 Finance and Accounting for Engineering Managers

  • EMEN 5032 Advanced Topics in Project Management

  • EMEN 5080 Ethical Decision-Making in Engineering Management

  • EMEN 5094 Entrepreneurship for Engineers

  • EMEN 5500 Lean and Agile Management

  • EMEN 5710 Applied Business Decisions

  • EMEN 5825 Intrapreneurship and Innovation

* Students may petition to substitute courses from other departments for TCP requirements. Courses from Law, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Leeds School of Business, Political Science, Sociology, Applied Mathematics, Engineering Management, and more may be petitioned to substitute for Core and Advanced Elective courses. While not all petitions are guaranteed to be accepted, TCP is eager to allow students to craft their own education. Petitions must be approved prior to the semester start date.

** Courses not offered online currently (all others are available via online or distance-learning options).

Course numbers and titles are subject to change.