A Bachelor's Accelerated Master's (BAM) in Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy enables top undergraduate students to be admitted to the MS in TCP program during their late-sophomore through senior year, and to work simultaneously toward both their Bachelor's and Master's degrees. This program allows students to take graduate courses as part of their Bachelor's degree requirements, gives more flexibility in the order in which courses are taken, and more efficient use of what would otherwise be a final semester with a light credit hour load.

TCP BAM Degrees with Undergraduate Programs

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Computer Science

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

A BAM partnership with Leeds School of Business is in progress, and we are constantly looking for more undergraduate programs to partner with in order to promote technology, cybersecurity and policy education in line with other industries and fields of study. Every field is relevant to TCP!

Up to six (6) credit hours may be counted toward both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Therefore the minimum number of credit hours required for the BAM degree is 152.

Application Deadlines

We will have a rolling application deadline and accept applications before the start of the semester a student wishes to begin this program.

Admissions Requirements

Suggested minimum requirements for admission to the Bachelors/Masters program are:

  • A minimum overall CU Boulder campus GPA of 3.25;
  • A minimum GPA of 3.25 in the BS major course work;
  • Have no MAPS deficiencies;
  • Complete the Concurrent Degree Application;
  • Provide an unofficial transcript.

Once admitted into the BAM in TCP program, you must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to remain in good academic standing in the program.


As a BAM student, until you have completed a total of 128 credit hours of course work, you will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to any student in your undergraduate department/program . After you have completed the Bachelors requirements, you will be governed by the rules and regulations applicable to graduate students. As much as possible, students in this program are treated on the same basis as any other student at a comparable stage of the academic career.


Once admitted, you will work with the undergraduate advisor on the Bachelor's portion of your program and with the graduate academic advisor on the MS portion.

To submit an application to the BAM program, please complete the necessary documents and bring them to the TCP graduate advisor along with a copy of your unofficial transcript.