Admissions Questions

Where do I find the online application?

Here is the online application.

What are the application due dates?
TCP admits students to the program once per year. The program accepts fall applications after October 1. The deadline to apply is April 1.
What are the minimum admission standards?

Neither a technical background nor a policy/law background is required. You should have an interest in all four areas (networking; policy/law/ethics; cybersecurity; entrepreneurship/economics) and a background in at least one. Depending on your background, TCP Fundamentals courses will be used to establish a common knowledge base. Core courses in each of the four areas will provide you with graduate level expertise in all areas, with advanced electives courses providing a deeper understanding of a subset of the topic areas.

What are the minimum GRE scores that TCP will accept?

TCP does not have minimum score requirements for admission, and GRE scores are not required for students possessing a 3.0 or higher GPA from their undergraduate studies; however, the desired academic minimums are:

GPA 3.0

GRE Verbal 157

GRE Quantitative 157

GRE Analytical Writing 3.5

As an international student, am I required to provide proof of English proficiency?

If you are an international student, you may be required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.  Detailed information about English proficiency requirements are on the Graduate School's English Proficiency Requirements website.

What criteria does the admissions committee use to evaluate applicants for admission?

In evaluating applicants, the admission committee relies on your completed application form, reported GRE scores, your undergraduate GPA and official transcripts, as well as your statement of purpose and recommendations from persons who have had an opportunity to observe your ability and performance. Your GRE scores and GPA are considered in the context of the entire application. The quality of your undergraduate institution will be considered. Substantial consideration is accorded to special qualities such as motivation; undergraduate program; diversity in economic, social, or cultural background; employment or other experience; leadership; and perseverance in overcoming personal handicaps or disadvantages. Graduate level work is also considered.

May I apply for Spring semester entry?

TCP offers fall admission only; we do not admit students in the spring term. We begin accepting fall applications on and after October 1st. The fall application deadline is January 10.

I am interested in transferring into TCP. How does that work?

There is no process for transferring into the program. You must apply through the same application process as all other incoming students. Current CU students may apply to the concurrent BS/MS program or the Cyber Minor program with a rolling application deadline.

Financial Questions

What are TCP's tuition and fees for a graduate MS degree?

Tuition and fees information are available on the Bursar's website.

What type of graduate student funding is available?

The program does not guarantee funding for master’s students. Master’s students should plan on providing their own fellowships and/or private funds to finance their education. Possible funding sources may include student loans, outside fellowships, employer sponsorships, savings, income from work, etc. Additional information is located at Funding Your Degree.

What is the starting salary of a TCP graduate student after graduation?

CU Boulder has an extensive Career Services office with advising resources that answer this and many other career-related questions. The 2013-2018 CU Graduate Survey data are available on our Alumni page.