Graduates of our program who apply for work visas or green cards often need verification of the skills they obtained during their graduate studies. We are glad to provide a "skills verification" letter. Please follow the procedure detailed below.

How to Obtain a Skills Verification Letter

  1. Visit our Skills Verification list.
  2. Find your courses (course number, semester and instructor) in the list.
  3. Select the specific skills you want from each course (e.g. Skills # 1, 3, 5, 6, and 9). You may also select text from the course description text. (We cannot not make any changes to the wording/text as listed on these pages.)
  4. Email the list of courses and skills to along with the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your current email address
    • Your 9-digit CU student ID number
    • The semester and year in which you received your degree (e.g. Spring 2010)
    • A copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine)
  5. Your letter will be prepared on department letterhead and signed by the current program director in DocuSign, then emailed to you via DocuSign to the email address you provided. Note that the letter we provided is based on our template. We do not provide individualized letters.
  6. Our letter will only include the predetermined topics/skills for courses mentioned in our Skills Verification list. If your course, semester, and/or instructor are not listed, email to request that the information be added. Be specific – list the course, semester you took the course, and the instructor who taught your course, when requesting the addition.


  • We are not able to certify skills for classes taken in departments other than TCP.
  • We are not able to certify skills for courses in which you did not earn a letter grade of B- or better
  • We are not able to change the course topics or skills descriptions as written. They are provided to us by the faculty who taught the courses and thus we cannot make any changes or additions to the text.

Example of a Verifiable Request

  • Course: TLEN 5330 Data Communications 1
  • Instructor: Sangtae Ha
  • Semester Taken: Fall 2014
  • Skills Verified: #1 and #2

Please note that our intent is not to give you a difficult time with this routine request; rather, it is to help our alumni while still preserving the credibility of this program. We wish you success in your career, and hope this will help you obtain the letter you need as quickly as possible.

Example of Non-Verifiable Requests




Skill: Analysis of queuing network models

No indication of which course this was learned in.

Provide the course number/name, as well as the semester and instructor information.

Skill: MS Windows 
Course: TLEN 5830, Fundamentals of Network Programming

We don't teach the use of MS Windows, Office, or other routine software packages in our graduate courses.

Cannot be certified, do not request.

Skills: long list 
Courses: long list

To certify the skills, you will need to associate them with the specific courses. It is not sufficient to simply give us these two lists and expect that we'll figure it out.

Match skills with courses as requested above.

Skills: C# and .NET 
Course: CSCI 551, Electronic Commerce

You may have used these in an assignment, but it is not mentioned in the Skills Verification list.

This request cannot be corroborated; do not request.

Skills: TCP/IP, HTTP 
Course: CSCI 4273, Network Systems

This is not a TLEN course or a course taught by an TCP instructor.

We cannot verify courses taught by other departments; do not request.