TCP is a highly-integrated and comprehensive graduate program combining technology, cybersecurity, policy, and business with hands-on experience, which capitalizes on our cutting-edge security and wireless labs. Expand your career by mastering the latest security and Internet technologies, essential business skills, and policy knowledge to achieve success in today’s rapidly-changing, high-tech world.

TCP is humanizing Technology, Cybersecurity & Policy for All

TCP, the transport protocol, provides reliable connection-oriented Internet communications. TCP, the CU Boulder graduate program, seeks to also bring together people from all backgrounds and walks of life into a secure learning environment, creating a community focused on developing the next generation of leaders, technical engineers, and business experts across the technology, cybersecurity, and policy sectors.

Securing and defending all people and organizations will require a diverse workforce, in terms of thinking, experience and perspective. We invite anyone and everyone to join this community and have a life-changing experience collaborating closely with industry while learning from some of the best faculty in beautiful Boulder, CO.

Technology, cybersecurity and policy are engrained in every industry and organization, but if all three are not considered equally, then all three are ineffective and doomed to fail. Some of the largest challenges in today's world are bridging the gaps between these knowledge bases, languages, and rigid norms of thought. TCP believes it can begin to untangle these issues by forming a community of diverse students and working with them to design, build, and defend a secure future for all.

When we say interdisciplinary, we mean interdisciplinary. Our approach is to offer students a core set of courses and industry seminars designed to provide a foundation across TCP, while offering advanced courses that enable students to focus on the topics of their choice across engineering, business, law, liberal arts, and social sciences. Our graduate research projects are the culminating factor in an MS in TCP - teams with business, engineering, law/policy, and other backgrounds combine to tackle industry-sponsored and advised real-world problems while generating intellectual property.

​ Accessible to All Background Studies

Anyone, anywhere, with any background can obtain a graduate degree or certification in TCP. A motivation and excitement to learn are all that are required to apply.

 Choose Your Focus & Coursework

You decide your courses and degree focus. Waiver and substitution options are available for one to truly craft the degree that works best for them.

 Online or On-Campus

Day, night and weekend courses offered online, on the beautiful Boulder campus, and/or via continuing education. Our MS in TCP and Cybersecurity Certificate program are 100% available online.

 Full or Part-Time

Students have four years to complete all program requirements, making this program a perfect fit for professionals, service members, educators, and full-time students.