TCP is a highly-integrated and comprehensive graduate program combining technology, cybersecurity, policy, and business with hands-on experience, which capitalizes on our cutting-edge security and wireless labs. Expand your career by mastering the latest internet technologies, essential business skills, and policy knowledge to achieve success in today’s rapidly-changing, high-tech world.

TCP is humanizing Technology, Cybersecurity & Policy for All

​ Accessible to All Background Studies

Anyone, anywhere, with any background can obtain a graduate degree or certification in TCP following completion of, or concurrently with, their undergraduate studies. An interest in the above topics is all that is required.

 Choose Your Focus & Coursework

You decide your courses and degree focus. Waiver and substitution options available for one to truly craft the degree that works best for them.

 Flexible Programs

We are a student-centered program allowing you, with our advisor's support, to petition, waiver, and transfer courses to enhance your path towards success.

 Full or Part-Time

Students have four years to complete all program requirements. Professionals, service members, educators, and full-time students can accelerate their career trajectory with a degree, certificate, or coursework in TCP.

 Online or On-Campus

Day, night and weekend courses offered online, on the beautiful Boulder campus, and via continuing education. Our degrees and certificates can be completed 100% online.*