Published: Feb. 12, 2020

2/12 seminar by Scott Fox

Scott Fox will be presenting a TCP Seminar about wireless and it's affects on the future of 5G on February 12th. Wireless has permeated every aspect and sector of our society and has become an indispensable tool.  Wireless helps inform and connect every one of us in different ways every day.  No other technology has even come close in terms of its positive and profound impacts on business, governments and overall society.   I will take you on a quick journey through time, from the early analog systems of yesteryear, up to today’s mind-spinning technological advances and capabilities being rolled out via 5G.  Come with us on a brief and informative journey to 5G! 

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About the Speaker

Scott Fox is the CEO of Global View Partners. He is a 40+ year veteran executive of the wireless industry. His diverse background ranges from executive/officer positions within multinational corporations, leading the world’s largest international wireless industry trade organization, founding and executing innovative and entrepreneurial startups, strategic consulting, Board of Director roles, M&A, and equity investing.

Scott is a proven leader in managing diverse company operations and helping build successful organizations in an environment of rapid change, with extensive expertise in global wireless business development and execution.