Published: Jan. 22, 2020

January 22nd Dan Shields Seminar

Dan Shields will be presenting a TCP Seminar on January 22nd. The seminar will discuss blockchain's impacts on cybersecurity and society. Blockchain technologies provide novel solutions to open-access database management that is robust to manipulation and corruption. Further, they have great promise to disrupt industries that rely on 3rd parties to manage trust of data integrity and settlement of records. The killer-app thus far is Cryptocurrency, but many more applications are under development. The landscape will be explored in this talk. 

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About the Speaker

Dan Shields is a Founding Member of Cryptorado, and Co-Founder of Aproflow. He is active in development, education, and promoting adoption of Blockchain and Distributed Web technologies regionally and globally. He firmly believes that a radically more just, kind, transparent, and equitable world for us all is within reach through effective implementation of these powerful new tools. His mission is to foster an environment for Colorado to become the innovative hub for companies creating and individuals utilizing distributed systems.