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TCP students and Jose Santos at NANOG 76
TCP students at NANOG 75
TCP students and Dr. Perigo at NANOG 75

Since its earliest inception in 1987, The North American Network Operators’ Group (NANOG) has been committed to the ongoing advancement of an open, secure, and robust internet, by providing a platform that inspires, educates, and empowers their community to meet the ever-changing demands of a global network, in service of building the internet of tomorrow.

NANOG holds quarterly conferences and hackathons towards this mission.

During the '17-'18, '18-'19, and '19-'20 academic years, 30 of TCP's students have been awarded expense-paid trips to NANOG's 73rd, 74th, 75th, 76th, and 77th conferences and hackathons. Professors Levi Perigo and Jose Santos traveled with and advised the teams, which have had great success in these competitions and presentations.

The competitions are not just for student participants; they are also open to industrial experts making our students' success all the more impressive. The conferences have averaged about 1,000 participants each with students comprising only 1-2%. The remaining ~98% are mostly from industry.

Competition Results:

NANOG 77 - First Place (October 28-30, 2019 in Austin, TX)

  • Students: Parth Adroja, Sahana Satyanarayana, Akshay Broota, Sadhvi Ravishankar, Tavleen Kaur
  • Advisor: Levi Perigo

NANOG 76 - First Place (June 9-12, 2019 in Washington, DC)

  • Students: Animesh Gupta, Vibhum Chandorkar, Ameya Korgaonkar, Jose Dahlson Irenish Kumar, and Apurva Bhiwapurkar
  • Advisor: Jose Santos

NANOG 75 - Second Place (February 18-20, 2019 in San Francisco, CA)

  • Students: Abhinav Triguna, Jom George, Karthik Akilandeswaran, Nagendra Volety, and Vaishali Ananthasubramanian
  • Advisor: Dr. Levi Perigo

NANOG 74 - Second Place (October 1-3, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada)

  • Students: Nelson Agera, Simran Kohli, Hariharakumar Narasimhakumar, Jaimeen Parmar, and Srinidhi Srivatsa
  • Advisor: Jose Santos

NANOG 72 - First Place (February 19-21, 2018 in Atlanta, GA)

  • Students: Aditya Ahuja, Amar Chaudhari, Arohi Gupta, Pranit Yadav, and Soham Shah
  • Advisor: Dr. Levi Perigo

NANOG 71 - Second Place (October 1-4, 2017 in San Jose) 

  • Students: Ashutosh Gupta, Pratik Lotia, Rahil Gandotra, Rishikesh Adusumilli, and Tanvi Deshpande
  • Advisor: Dr. Levi Perigo

TCP would like to thank NANOG for sponsoring our students and their commitment to our program and furthering network engineering education. Also, thank you to Kevin Epperson for being instrumental in TCP's participation and success at these events. Congratulations from TCP to our students and faculty!

TCP will continue to support NANOG and their mission, as well as participate in their events. Not many programs in the country can say that their students can hold their own against professionals and experts, but TCP can and will for years to come. Stay tuned for future results as NANOG 78 is right around the corner...