Research in the CU physics department is world leading, with four Nobel Prize winners among our faculty and it covers a very broad range of different topics. Undergraduate researchers play an important role in this work and are a valued part of almost every group in the department!

Explore CU Physics Research Groups

Current Pathways partnerships

Research is a team sport! Successful research involves diverse collaborations between individuals and across institutions. The Pathways program develops and supports undergraduate-focused research collaborations between CU and MSIs. We currently have partnerships with:

  • University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez
  • Texas State University (San Marcos)
  • California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo)

Featured Pathways Research Collaboration

Ulmer Collaboration

Professor Keith Ulmer (CU Boulder Physics) is collaborating with the University of Puerto Rico—Mayaguez to train UPR student Guillermo Rodríguez in experimental elementary particle physics.


Seeking new Pathways partnerships!

The Pathways to CU Physics program is looking to develop new undergraduate-focused MSI collaborations. If you have ideas for a new partnership we would love to hear from you!  Below are a just few examples of CU Physics research groups looking for such collaborative partnerships in their research areas.

Lewandowski Lab

Our group works in experimental cold molecular physics and physics education research, where we bridge traditional boundaries of physics, chemistry, and social science.

Physics Education Research Group at Colorado (PER@C)

The Physics Education Research Group at Colorado (PER@C) is one of the largest research programs in physics education research in the nation.

Leibrandt Group

Are the laws of physics the same today as they were yesterday and the same at all locations in the universe?