Published: Sept. 10, 2018

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program marks its first anniversary this semester and I am excited we have so much to celebrate one year into the program’s launch.

Interest in the program has far exceeded our expectations. We originally expected the program to enroll a total of around 60 students heading into Fall 2018. Instead, we have around 140 students in the program! The robust reception for this program is a testament to the increasing popularity of Organizational Leadership graduate programs across the country. Unlike an MBA—which typically focuses on developing students’ knowledge of business functions (like finance, human resources, or marketing)—Organizational Leadership programs concentrate on developing leadership and management competencies that underpin organizations in every industry, sector, and profession. It is also a demonstration of the reputation of the University of Colorado Boulder, which is proud of its global rankings.

An appealing feature of CU Boulder’s MSOL program is that is offers specialized tracks that allow students to customize their education to fit their individual professional interests and goals. The program launched last year with three tracks in Strategic Leadership, Human Resources, and Organizational Leadership. We added a fourth track this semester in Leading Innovation, which explores leadership at the intersection of business and innovation. MSOL students select the track that allows them to pursue the career path most interesting to them as well as to develop the skills and knowledge to help their organizations address the gap between executive aspirations and their ability to execute those goals. It is exciting to see.

The variety and richness of the program’s curriculum would not be possible, however, without our faculty who are all industry and thought leaders. We are proud of the academic credentials and senior level management experience they bring to their courses and students. You can learn more about our faculty by reading their profiles.

The next year promises to bring more inspiring milestones and rewarding initiatives for the program, including an additional specialized track, live networking events for students, and an expansion of online academic and career development resources. I encourage you to follow these changes with us as the academic year unfolds.

I am especially excited that we will graduate our first students this semester – a significant milestone for the program. Their success in the program, and in their professional journeys, will be an accomplishment we all can celebrate and admire.