Gain the Skills to Continue Growing

The Master of Arts in Journalism Entrepreneurship is a 30-credit curriculum that incorporates nine courses and a graduate professional project. The curriculum is designed to provide skills-based training grounded in the ethics and norms of journalistic practice.

By the end of this program, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical technology skills used in today’s journalism industry to reach audiences across a variety of communication channels and emerging media platforms. Leverage commonplace technologies to produce meaningful content, and develop skills in front-end web development languages to become more marketable and versatile. 
  • Employ  new business models and strategies for sustainable journalism, which you will acquire in the program by taking a deep dive into the market forces that affect your area of interest, examining potential target audiences, testing the viability of different funding models, and assessing the marketability of your own journalistic work while working towards building your own brand.  
  • Describe principles of professional ethics and demonstrate them as you work ethically in the pursuit of truth. Bolster the credibility of your journalistic work by employing research, thinking critically, showing independence, and demonstrating creativity.       
  • Utilize  your  enhanced  writing and  production skills to create compelling, impactful, clear, fair, and accurate stories that are effectively targeted at your intended audience.