Master of Arts in Corporate Communication

The Master of Arts in Corporate Communication is a fully online degree program that enhances the ability of working professionals to build and maintain relationships through effective and ethical communication. Its coursework blends conceptual knowledge and practical techniques to make you an invaluable and nimble communicator in a globally relevant profession.

By focusing on theoretical and practical competencies, the Master of Arts in Corporate Communication aims to develop and strengthen your ability to:

  • Use conceptual and critical skills to develop effective oral and written communications.
  • Negotiate cultural diversity and operate effectively in a globalized environment.
  • Base your global communication practice on sound, ethical principles and analysis thereby working for social good.
  • Appreciate that effective communication is based on formative research, sound program planning, effective implementation of the planned program, and sound program evaluation.
  • Integrate multiple forms of media, including digital and social media, for communicating on behalf of your organization.
  • Develop collaboration skills and the ability to work in groups.