Jenn Yacoubian, Bill Weisberger, Heather Leary, Holly Devaul, Hannah Meshenuk, and Terry McGregor during a curriculum design workshop

The inquiryHub is a Research Practice Partnership (RPP) that engages in research and development of materials and processes to promote equitable student learning of mathematics and science.


The mission of the inquiryHub partnership is to design, test, and implement tools and strategies for supporting teachers in creating inclusive classroom cultures and in co-designing curriculum that connects to interests, experiences, and identities of students from diverse racial and linguistic backgrounds that leads to equitable and consequential learning in mathematics and science.

Core Commitments

We accomplish the mission through the co-design of new curriculum, new teaching and learning tools, and new learning environments, accompanied by qualitative and quantitative research on their effectiveness. Across these efforts, our partnership shares a set of core commitments which guide our design and development activities which:

  • Promote equity
  • Support implementation of next generation science standards
  • Promotes agency of participants in research through collaborative design
  • Supports learning and research through deeply digital design
  • Follows the contours of problems and where they might lead

Funding & Support

inquiryHub has received funding from multiple federal agencies and private foundations, including the National Science Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Summary of Deliverables

The inquiryHub partnership is guided by a culture of co-design, collaboration and mutualism, with a focus on building both new materials and a shared vision for equitable teaching and learning. Products created by the inquiryHub partnership include a year-long, fully and deeply digital high school biology curriculum, tools and processes to support the development of high quality 3D science assessment tasks (both formative and summative), tools and processes that support biology teachers to identify high quality scientific tasks, professional development models, resources designed to improve science instruction and assessment, and approximately 100 research publications.


inquiryHub began in 2007 and is one of the longest-running and most successful RPPs in education today. inquiryHub brings together researchers with a variety of backgrounds from multiple institutions: school district leaders, teachers, students, and a host of community partners. The key institutional players in the inquiryHub partnership are Denver Public Schools and the University of Colorado Boulder. Other institutional partners who have contributed substantially over the years include the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, BSCS, Northwestern University, and Utah State University. Community partners have included Project VOYCE, Denver Parks and Recreation, and The Park People.