Photo of Adithiyya
Course Facilitator
Computer Science

Adithiyya is passionate about Artificial General Intelligence and Interactive Experiences. He has past work experience as a Data Engineer at Walmart Labs for about 3 years. He is currently bettering himself in Computer Science by pursuing a Master's Degree from The University of Colorado Boulder. His hobbies include reading fiction, playing video games, listening to podcasts, writing, and staying up to date with technology and popular culture. 

Adithiyya facilitates the following courses as a course facilitator for the online MS-DS program on Coursera.

  • Data Mining Methods (DTSA 5505)
  • Supervised Text Classification for Marketing Analytics (DTSA 5798)
  • Effective Communication (DTSA 5842)
  • Effective Communication Capstone Project (DTSA 5843)
  • Algorithms: Searching, Sorting, and Indexing (Secondary) (DTSA 5501)