Nicholas Nardelli holding two dogs in front of stony mountains.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Optical Frequency Measurements Group

Project Description 

The project is focused on experimental work needed to develop an optical time scale. An Er/Yb:glass optical frequency comb will be developed and used for generation and synthesis of high-stability optical and microwave timing signals from optical atomic standards. The latter work is aligned with work need to support redefinition of the SI second to an optical atomic reference.

Research Interests

I develop optical frequency combs for the synthesis of ultra-precise optical and microwave frequency signals. A frequency comb can be used to divide the frequency of an optical atomic clock (the most accurate type of clock in the world) by more than 100,000 to a microwave signal that can be easily measured and characterized. A frequency comb can also be used to compare the frequencies of two optical clocks based on different atoms (such as Ytterbium, Strontium, Aluminum, Calcium) that operate at wavelengths many terahertz away from one another. Besides the accurate tracking of time, we use optical frequency combs and optical atomic clocks to conduct searches for ultraligth bosonic dark matter that may affect the fine structure constant.

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