Headshot of Charles McLemore in front of a music stage
Postdoctoral Fellow
Precision Photonics Synthesis Group

Project Description

The project involves designing and implementing novel ultrastable laser systems with compact and portable formfactors. This includes designing and constructing ultrastable optical frequency reference cavities, building and implementing the electro-optic and electronic frequency locking hardware, and measuring the stable laser’s performance in terms of frequency and timing noise and acceleration sensitivity. 

Research Interests

My research focuses primarily on building laser stabilization systems for portable applications. I design, fabricate, and test compact Fabry-Perot optical reference cavities that can greatly improve the frequency stability of lasers. These ultrastable lasers are then useful for a wide array of applications including optical clocks and low-noise microwave generation. By reducing the size, weight, and power consumption of the laser stabilization system while maintaining high performance, this work provides a path to enable these applications outside of controlled laboratory environments.