Kim Strong
Current PhD student
Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity Program

As a doctoral candidate in the School of Education, I’m interested in how (educational) discourses position bilingual, immigrant and/or undocumented families in public education contexts, especially along lines of race, class, culture, and language (and consequently also along lines of ability, status, power, and agency). Drawing on Critical Discourse Analysis and ethnographic methods, I explore how policy documents, public texts, and interactional discursive constructions of Self and Other shape the experiences of raciolinguistically marginalized populations in schools. Ultimately, my admittedly-idealistic goal is to provide educators with more tools with which to name and disrupt these discourses. Although these interests and goals are informed by my background in philosophy, political science (BA), teaching (MA), community programing, and social work, they’re inspired by the many Spanish-speaking families I’ve worked and lived with during these last 13 years, not least of all my own.