If you are already registered for the original spring 2020 conference, your registration will automatically transfer to the new dates. 

Call for New Submissions

SLA 2022 invites new proposals of the following types: (1) organized panel sessions, (2) roundtable sessions, (3) workshop sessions, (4) papers presented as part of an organized panel, (5) individually volunteered papers, (6) individually volunteered posters. Please visit our New Submissions link to upload new proposals for consideration in the main, in-person hybrid track or the parallel, exclusively virtual track. Submissions must include an abstract of up to 500 words for sessions and up to 250 words for papers or posters. The SLA 2022 Organizing Committee has created an Official SLA 2022 Padlet to help you organize panels and collaborate with fellow participants. New submitters will be notified of acceptance/rejection status on Tuesday, March 1.

Call for Updates to previously accepted proposals

Please visit our Updates link to revise titles, abstracts, and/or participants of previously accepted proposals. We ask that you consult your entry on the original program at the SLA 2022 Trello sitewhen revising your submission. If you are scheduled to present on the original program but find that you are unable to attend in-person, you may either (1) remain on the main in-person/hybrid program and present remotely via zoom or a pre-recording with the session organizer’s approval (note: at least two session participants must be physically present to create a hybrid session) or (2) move your submission to the parallel, exclusively virtual track (but only if requested by the February 14, 2022 deadline). Because staying on the main conference program requires additional technology support and physical space at the conference venue, hybrid presentations will require the same registration fee as other presentations on the main in-person/hybrid program. It is also possible for session organizers to move their entire session from the in-person/hybrid track to the virtual track for a 50% reduction in fees (but only if requested by the February 14, 2022 deadline). All of these options are available on our Updates link. The Official SLA 2022 Padlet may be used to find new participants to compensate for cancellations in previously accepted panels. Sessions previously accepted to the 2020 conference will be automatically accepted to SLA 2022, even if substantial updates are involved.

Registration information

If you did not register for the conference previously but would like to attend the April 7-9, 2022 conference, you may pre-register at the conference link on the AAA website. Registration by the Updates and New Submissions deadline of Monday, February 14 is highly encouraged; after this date, an additional fee of $20.00 will be applied for the main, in-person/hybrid track and $10.00 for the parallel, exclusively virtual track. Registration fees for the main conference track are the same as in 2020 (SLA Professionals $130; Non-SLA Professionals $150; SLA Students $50; Non-SLA Students $70); registration fees for the virtual conference track are 50% of this cost (SLA Professionals $65; Non-SLA Professionals $75; SLA Students $25; Non-SLA Students $35).

Refund policy

Please register all refund requests at our Refund Requests link. The SLA will process 50% refund requests for those wishing to switch from the main, in-person/hybrid track to the parallel, exclusively virtual track if submitted by February 14, 2022. The SLA will process other refund requests with respect to main track or virtual track registration if submitted by March 14, 2022. After this date, we are unable to guarantee refunds.